We Would Like To Join a NEW Doll Collection!!

17273563_1908875939399498_1588221827_oDear Reader,

I do hope you have been enjoying your visit to my blog!

After reading my stories, are you now contemplating the notion of bringing similar joy into someone else’s life who has their own doll collection? If so, please click the link below! If today is the lucky day of some special doll lover in your life (and I hope that it is!) then when you follow the link below you *just may* find a doll who’s been living here to bring joy to that special someone you know, and perhaps that equally lucky doll  you find will join in on creative adventures in a new home!

My adoptable dolls can’t wait to meet my readers! Please click the link below and see if you discover a doll who may make a great new friend for a special someone in your life!

Mini Mansion Adoptions Shop on Etsy!

Thank you for reading my photo stories, and thank you in advance for visiting Mini Mansion Adoptions!

Iris Petra