Scary Shirley & Her Mini-Me

My newest large doll is a life-size Shirley Temple PlayPal doll who calls herself Scary Shirley. Scary Shirley is a realistic looking PlayPal doll, made by Danbury Mint. She stands a full thirty three inches high!

Scary Shirley has a Mini-Me doll likeness of herself who is a soft sculpture Cabbage Patch Kid doll named Brook Leigh. Brook Leigh tells me that Scary Shirley claims it is this enormous height which caused her to feel she can keep the smaller dolls in line by calling herself a name as intimidating as “Scary Shirley.”

However, just between you and me, I know that really, Scary Shirley is hoping that by calling herself Scary Shirley she will one day help herself to feel brave. Truly, Scary Shirley feels a bit self-conscious about how much larger she is than all the other dolls in the Much Ado About Nothing giant backyard dollhouse, but Scary Shirley wants so very much to someday be just as brave as she is big.