Hitty & the Tiny World Travelers


My newest very small doll is a reproduction of a historical six inch high wooden hand-carved doll named Hitty. Hitty is pictured above posing for a photo on the porch of the giant backyard dollhouse, Much Ado About Nothing, with her three world-traveling friends and a kangaroo.

My reproduction Hitty doll, who was hand-crafted by doll artist, Robert Raikes, has  already has experienced many grand adventures in the past, which you can read about in Rachel Field’s most excellent novel, “Hitty Her First Hundred Years.”

Here at the my backyard giant dollhouse, Much Ado About Nothing, my reproduction Hitty doll is enjoying new adventures with a jet-setting group of three tiny friends who are all seven inch tall vinyl Madame Alexander dolls. These tiny dolls, like Hitty herself, each have traveled to a different remote part of the world. As you can see above, one of Hitty’s friends has traveled to Mexico. Another of her friends has traveled to England. And the last, who returned from her travels with her very own kangaroo as a pet, has traveled all the way to Australia!