Earliest Acquired: The Trio From the Equator


When I was a baby my parents started a doll collection for me. They began this collection with three dolls from South America, where I was born. I call these dolls The Trio From the Equator, because I was born in Ecuador, which is so named because it is on the Equator.

As you see in from the photo above, two of my first dolls are very simply made rag dolls. It may be difficult to see in this photo, but the rag doll sitting on the ground on the far right of the wears a white shawl over her dress that has Ecuador embroidered on it. Since I was born in Ecuador I feel fairly certain that the seated rag doll may very well be the first doll that my parents purchased for me.

The standing doll in the center  wears a big happy smile, a large pair of flashy gold earrings, and lots of necklaces. She used to also wear a large gold ring through her nose, but sadly her nose ring is lost in the mists of time. That doll was my first example of what it’s like to proudly wear lots of jewelry. That proud-looking and well-dressed doll also wears a banner that says Panama. I spent time in a hospital in Panama when I was a baby due to congenital birth defects which could not be corrected in the Ecuadorian hospital where I was born, so it’s quite possible that this was my second doll.

My third South American doll is the bright eyed mischievous looking vinyl doll on the left of the photo. She wears a very smart looking Panama hat with her dress and shawl. I have always thought the doll in the Panama hat looks like she is quite fearless. Perhaps I learned some of my fearlessness in life from her.

My trio from the Equator have been with me all of my life.  I feel very grateful to my past selves for taking such good care of them all these years. My first three dolls are pictured here posing in front of their giant dollhouse home, Much Ado About Nothing. Oddly enough, I never actually gifted any of these three dolls with a name. Now that I’m sharing stories about my doll collection I hope that in telling stories that these three dolls will inspire me to discover their names.